About Restored Apparel Co.

About Restored Apparel CompanyRestored Apparel Co. is a clothing company created with a social justice mindset for impact. We are created with the mission of creating impact in an area often forgotten by society.


The company's CEO, Dejean is a prison reform advocate who currently teaches business principles behind prison walls to future return citizens and saw a group of people who are often overlook by society and forgotten.


While these men and woman may be incarcerated, the question he asked himself, "What about their children? What impact will their incarceration have on their livelihood?"


Children of incarcerated inmates are twice as likely to end up in prison and continue the cycle of mass incarceration, as a generation curse.


These children are often bullied, resort to crime or violence as an outlet. Their grades slip, and being raised in a single family home adds to the decrease of higher education or yet alone college graduation.


For those that overcome all of these obstacles in hopes of leaving their impoverished upbringings to attend college, that challenge seems in achievable.


We at Restored Apparel Co. want to change that narrative, and create opportunities for these forgotten children. Our slogan is “While everyone goes left we go right” is a mindset for second chances, but more importantly, teaching these kids how to make the right decisions in their lives.


We, as a company, have designed our brand with this as the foundation. For every product sold, we will contribute 10% of all profits to non-profit programs that serve the children of incarcerated inmates.


We want to give 10% of our profits to the Robert & Cachet Daley Scholarship Fund for Children of Inmates, a scholarship programs that provides opportunities for children who have a parent whom is incarcerated to attend college absolutely free.


In addition to that, we want to give an additional 10% to non-profit organizations that serve inner city communities and focus on stem-cell, entrepreneurship, arts, and coding to take on these elementary and middle school kids who have a parent who is incarcerated.


We seek to catch these kids early, and give them other avenues, besides entertainment, sports, drugs or gang violence. 


We believe this is a mission, not just for Restored, but for all of society.


But we can't do it without you. Each purchase from our online store also makes you an investor and change agent to help the most vulnerable among us. Each investment gets us that much closer to achieving our mission of sending them to college.


Nationwide, prison recidivism is 67%, meaning 2 out of 3 inmates who are released return within 3 years.


Imagine that their children are twice that number to end up in prison themselves.


We believe in our vision and our mission.


Your support is how we will make it happen.